Our Packaging Products

Here at GLT Packaging, we have a multitude of packaging products. Please view some of the products we manufacture below:


Multi Color Display Boxes

We can provide multi-color/full litho label POP display boxes with graphics and company logos. Whether it's an attention-getting box, or multi-piece, self-merchandising display, GLT gets it done fast. Don't forget that GLT solutions can also include kitting and fullfilment.


We do the work for you.


Corrugated Products

GLT has your packaging solution. From RSC to pre-glued trays, die cutting, to partitions and anything between. No matter how large or small, we provide the product designed to fit your need and budget. Additionally, our equipment allows us to create features such as "Auto lock" bottom boxes which will reduce labor costs in your plant. We provide the product, just right, just in time, everytime!



Interior Dunnage

GLT's dunnage can be made to fit your existing containers or we can custom design a new package to suit your needs. We use many different styles and materials to protect your parts. We have extensive expertise in protecting class "A" surfaces using Spuntex, laminated tissue material, brushed nylon, Tyvek, along with a wide range of foam products. All to keep your parts protected while meeting your budget.



Returnable Containers

GLT Packaging is a leading manufacturer of returnable products for the auto, furniture, appliance, and pharmaceutical industries.  We offer a wide variety of plastic options as well as extensive foam options.  Our engineering staff has over 25 years of experience ranging from all parts automotive to surgical needles to refrigerator handles.  Let our vast array of materials and years of experience provide a cost saving solution for your next returnable project.



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